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It was 90 years ago King George V and Queen Mary came to Bognor for their historic stay.


The Bognor Regis Post is publishing weekly excerpts from archive editions of The Times to show how it informed its readers about the monarch’s recovery from a lung illness:


Friday May 10 – The present Parliament is to hold its last meeting today.


Later in the day, the King will hold a Council at Craigweil House, at which the proclaimation dissolving Parliament will be signed and authorising the new Parliament to meet for the first time on Tuesday, June 25.


The dissolution proclaimation will be issued in the London Gazette tonight and thereafter the General Election campaign will be in full swing.
(The Prime Minister at the time was the Conservative, Stanley Baldwin.)


On the same day, it was announced a civic welcome was to be given to the King by the Mayor of Windsor, Lt-Col Stephen Wright, on his arrival on Wednesday morning after the King had driven from Craigweil House.


Saturday, May 11 – The King’s Speech on the Prorogation of Parliament was published in full.


Tuesday, May 14 – The following notice was issued yesterday by the Bognor Urban District Council:


To the inhabitants of Bognor – In connexion with His Majesty’s departure from Bognor on Wednesday, at the conclusion of his convalesence here, he has graciously consented, after leaving


Craigweil House at 10am, to proceed along the promenade, from west to east, on his journey to Windsor.


It is hoped that all loyal citizens will decorate their premises on the occasion and give him a hearty cheer, wishing him God speed and a complete recovery to his usual good health.


Arthur J. Sacre, Chairman of the Bognor Council.


Arrangements have been made for his Majesty to bid farewell to the chairman and members of the council at the western bandstand.

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