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Dear Editor,


Thank you to the Bognor Regis Post for the recent article, ‘Safety fears about mobile phone mast plan’.


There does appear to be scientific disagreement on safety regarding this specific mobile technology in the UK and internationally.


Yes, indeed, Arun District Council needs to make decisions on a range of factors. The rollout is moving on fast forward with scant public and scientific debate. It appears there has been inadequate discussion by independent commentators from diverse academic backgrounds. I am hoping the Queensway, Bognor Regis planning application (BR/89/19/PL) submitted to Arun District Council by MBNL Limited will be rejected, on the grounds more time is needed to sort out any misinformation, exaggeration or incomplete reasoning coming from those both in favour of the 5G national rollout and those who have concerns.


More time to consider the potential health risks, to consider the path on which this technology may take us and to establish a level playing field for further broad-based research and thought.


A recent item on the Today Programme on Radio 4 (May 17), I believe was misleading the public with regard to 5G and climate change solutions as it did not give the full picture, only the advantages, not the disadvantages and proposed alternative solutions.


The issues are wide and I disagree with the comment made by one Bognor Regis town councillor the planning application cannot be rejected on the grounds of safety. If the planning rules hinder safety discussion, then change the planning rules.


I believe that only cross-disciplinary level playing field engagement will provide governments with solutions. This is a vast subject.


The Environmental Health Trust, a US-based organisation, publishes articles in peer reviewed journals about controllable environmental health hazards if any readers are interested and wish to engage with policy makers.


The organisation WiredChild and the Green Party (Berwick upon Tweed Constituency, Dr Rupert Read) can also be contacted if anyone has any general questions regarding their viewpoints. I understand the Green Party Berwick upon Tweed Constituency, has a proposal for a 5G moratorium motion.


I understand Arun District Council may or may not be able to consider written comments received after May 4, but it can be contacted regarding the date of the relevant planning meeting regarding the Bognor Regis 5G tower.


Local Resident,
Norfolk Square,
Bognor Regis

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