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Letter | Roz Frampton

Dear Editor,


I am sure residents will feel disgusted that cruel vandals have not only damaged places where people sit beside Aldwick Duck Pond, pictured above, but killed some ducks.


Basil, the well-known, larger than life character, is missing.


One seat that was damaged was in memory of those who lived at the Barnardo’s home for children.


Other seats are there not just for people to sit down but are there in memory of loved ones.


The ducks bring so much pleasure to people who love them as members of their extended family.


Families have known ducks in the pond for decades. When thugs kill them, they are killing much-loved animals.


If you know what happened to Basil, please let the Aldwick Preservation Society know.


The duck pond is a wonderful part of the community. So, thugs and vandals, please stop!

Roz Frampton,

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