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Results for Bognor Regis Town Council elections

This is a full list of the results for Bognor Regis Town Council:


Hatherleigh (1 seat)
Adam Cunard (I) Elected 46
Simon McDougall (L) 19
I hold Turnout 19.22%


Hotham (4 seats)
John Barrett (LD)
Steve Goodheart (I)
David Meagher (L)
Roger Nash (L)
Stephen Reynolds (C)
Wayne Smith (LD)
Jerry Tomlinson (L)
Jeanette Warr (LD)
Michelle White (L)


Marine (4 seats)
Nigel Alner (L) 221
Jim Brooks (I) Elected 786
Claire Needs (LD) Elected 391
Heather Robbins (L) 241
Alison Sharples (L) Elected 259
Matt Stanley (LD) Elected 495
1 I hold, 1 LD hold, 1 LD gain, 1 L gain
Turnout 23.75%
Orchard (4 seats)
Lynne Armstrong (L) 180
Kenton Batley (LD) Elected 389
Chris Collins (LD) 260
Jan Cosgrove (L) 252
David Darling (C) 217
Alan Foster (L) 158
Joshua Jones (LD) Elected 301
Kelly Morris (L) 180
Samantha Staniforth (LD) Elected 422
Phil Woodall (I) Elected 360
1 LD hold, 2 LD gain, 1 I gain
Turnout 23.42%


Pevensey (3 seats)
Sandra Daniells (I) Elected 439
Pat Dillon (C) 266
Inna Erskine (LD) Elected 422
John Erskine (LD) Elected 383
Ian Manion (L) 198
Helen Scutt (L) 209
Linda Sheppard (L) 189
1 I hold, 1 I gain, I LD gain
Turnout 25.38%


Residents in Middleton-on-Sea and an area of Aldwick also elected parish councillors on May 2

The results were:


Aldwick West (5 seats)
John Bass (I) Elected 881
Carol Birch (G) Elected 550
Stella Coppard (I) Elected 801
Gillian Edom (G) Elected 438
Ian Manion (no party given) 413
Alan Smith (no party given)Elected593
Turnout 33.74%


Middleton-on-Sea (12 seats)
Martin Burrell (no party) 305
Terry Claxton (Middleton parish councillor since 2009) Elected 591
Michael Davies (no party) Elected 496
Paul Harris (no party) Elected 499
Shirley Haywood (Independent voice for Middleton & Elmer) Elected 891
Marese Hollands (no party) 286
Christine Johnson (Parish councillor since 2012) Elected 610
Graham Jones (I) Elected 679
Sandra Lawrence (no party) 243
Robin Lush (retired business
manager) 328
Colin Mansfield (I, retired air traffic controller) Elected 726
Nicky Mills (no party) Elected 529
Alan Newton (no party) Elected 505
Alan Pendleton (no party) 363
Jacky Pendleton (no party)Elected 733
Kevin Shephard (held parish councillor post since 2015) Elected 534
Colin Williams (no party) 257
Paul Wotherspoon (no party)Elected 668
Turnout 35.41%

C = Conservative,
I = Independent,
L = Labour,
LD = Liberal Democrats.

All other parish council candidates in the Bognor Regis area were elected unopposed.

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