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Voters back Brexit Party in Euro elections around town

New Brexit Party MEP Robert Rowland has thanked Bognor Regis voters for backing him.


Mr Rowland was one of four of his party’s candidates elected to the European parliament in Brussels after they swept to victory.


Almost half of the electors in the Arun district backed The Brexit Party in a major show of support for a political group unknown much before Easter.


Mr Rowland said: “We are absolutely delighted with the level of support we have received from voters in Bognor Regis, resulting in a historic night for The Brexit Party.


“To have four candidates elected with over 900,000 votes in the south east is fantastic, especially considering the party has been operating for less than two months. Voters have had enough of the Westminster elite trying to delay, disappoint and derail Brexit.


“We want to put trust back at the heart of our democracy.


“We will stand up for hard-working ordinary Brits and will do everything we can to make sure that the UK is prepared to leave with a clean-break Brexit by the latest deadline of October 31.”


Last Thursday’s polling took place almost three years after Arun’s residents voted by some two-thirds to one-third to leave the EU. It was also the second set of elections in just three weeks after the council elections on May 2 which saw the previously dependent Conservatives left as the council’s second largest party for the first time in its 45-year history.


The result of the Euro election saw The Brexit Party gain 21,827 of the total 45,114 votes. This was more than the next four parties combined – Liberal Democrats 8,713, Green Party 4,736, Conservative Party 4,357 and Labour Party 2,035.


Further down the results came Change UK (1,441 votes), UKIP (1,387), UK European Union Party (136), Jason McMahon (76), The Socialist Party of Great Britain (54), David Round (50) and Michael Turbeville (29). The turnout was 37.5 per cent.


The dominant showing helped to give The Brexit Party four MEPs in the south-east. The Lib Dems have three MEPs, with one each for the Greens, Labour and Conservatives.


Across the UK, the final tally of MEPs was 29 for The Brexit Party, 16 Lib Dems, 10 Labour, seven Greens, and four Conservatives with smaller numbers for the likes of the SNP and DUP.


A statement by the People’s Vote campaign said the 40 per cent overall backing of the five pro-People’s Vote parties outweighed the 35 per cent for the two in favour of no deal.


Commenting, Peter Kellner, the former president of YouGov, said: “These elections were not a victory for the Brexit cause, nor were they a mandate for Nigel Farage’s campaign for a No Deal Brexit.


“It is significant that in every region the firmly pro-People’s Vote parties gained ground, and in most regions advanced by large amounts.”

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