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It was 90 years ago King George V and Queen Mary came to Bognor for their historic stay.


The Bognor Regis Post is publishing weekly excerpts from archive editions of The Times to show how it informed its readers about monarch’s recovery from a lung illness:


Thursday, May 16 – When the King left Bognor this morning (May 15) practically the whole population turned out to wish him God-speed.


The route was decorated with flags and bunting, a special feature being made of decorations at the western bandstand, where his Majesty had signified his intention to pause for a few seconds.


A banner across the road at this spot bore the inscription “God-speed”, while “Long live the King” was the loyal wish of the fishermen of the town.


Canon A.J. Sacre, chairman of the Bognor Council, opened the door of the royal car and stood talking for a few seconds to his Majesty, who looked bronzed and well and obviously pleased with his reception.


Canon Sacre expressed Bognor’s appreciation of the King’s kindness in allowing the towns-people to see him and wish him God-speed and added – “May I say, God bless, and preserve you and keep you and her Majesty as the King and Queen for many years to come.”


In reply the King thanked Canon Sacre for his remarks and added that he had been through the town on several occasions.


The Queen, who sat by his Majesty’s side, listened smilingly to this conversation.


Her Majesty was dressed in a grey coat with a royal blue toque.


Sir Derek Keppel and Sir Charles Cust were in attendance. Behind the Royal car came a car with Sir Stanley Hewett and Sir Clive Wigram, while the King’s nurses were in a third car.


Hearty cheers were given as the cars drove off at a slow pace along the front, where all the school children of the town had assembled. The weather was cloudy with occasional bursts of sunshine.


One of the Queen’s last acts before leaving Craigweil House was to send a gift of flowers and pot plants to Bognor War Memorial Hospital with a box of sweets for the Matron.

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