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Green campaigners at a Bognor Regis school have been given dozens of plants to boost its grounds.


Southway Primary School’s 24 eco-warriors were donated the mixture of lavender, rosemary and purple basil by horticultural firm, Vitacress.


One of the eco-warriors at the presentation, James Worby, nine, said: “The plants and herbs will help the environment and help bees survive.


“It’s important to stop people littering. The wind blows the litter into the sea and fish choke on it. If people didn’t litter, none of that would happen.”


Another eco-warrior, Danielle Hill, six, said: “Our work is all about helping the environment and keeping animals thriving. I am looking forward to seeing the plants grow.”


Headteacher Sarah Holland said the lavender would be planted in the school’s existing flower beds.


The herbs would raise the pupils’ interest in an allotment which will be created on the school’s field this summer.


“The allotment will be ready when the pupils come back in September,” she said.


“This is the first significant donation we have had. We hope to get other sponsorship for items like tools and other equipment.”


The link with Vitacress was made by one of the school’s teachers. A total of 176 plants were handed over by the Runcton firm’s trials and development manager, Lukasz Sipior, pictured above.


Most were two types of old English lavender.


He said: “There are quite a variety of plants and very interesting plants with a lot of colour. I hope you will enjoy them. You are also welcome to come and see our operation.”

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