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Letter | David Box

Dear Editor,

The Which report on seaside resorts found the last resort is Bognor Regis at 97th – a place that in the past was very popular with its claimed 1,900 hours of sunshine a year.


The hotels were rated highly but it was brought down by its beaches – and why?


Where did the pedaloes go to? Where did the speed boat go to? Where did the raft that people swam out to near the yacht club go to?


Where did the friendly donkeys go to that gave rides to young children? Where did the various night clubs go to?


To start with, if we had two rafts on each side of the pier with seats arranged around them and may be one to be used by lifesavers, students could earn money in the summer by selling waterproof money belts to holidaymakers!


These rafts could be used for June, July and August and then dismantled and stored for the winter.


This could be unique on the south coast and you have to be different to attract!


To regenerate, one needs to attract people. We should be looking to get back to what we have lost and ask why it all disappeared.


Otherwise, Bognor Regis will remain the last resort.


David Box,
Shelley Road, Bognor Regis

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