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Letter | Pete Wakeford

Dear Editor,


I read with interest regarding the flooding concerns in your latest edition of the Bognor Regis Post.


The Salt Box field development, above, is just one of so many fields in this area going under, or threatened with going under, bricks and mortar. At last we seem to have some councillors who have growing concerns regarding flooding and traffic jams.


Every day we hear calls regarding sea levels rising. When these fields are covered, drainage diverts millions of gallons of water into drains and water courses that eventually run into rivers.


Where do rivers run? Yes, into the sea. Is it any wonder levels are rising?


However, there is never any mention of this fact, and it is happening worldwide. We blame melting ice caps. I understand the issues around generating employment and wealth.


However, we cannot continue to cover the land in cement. Flooding is impacting on homes and areas that historically rarely, if ever, flooded. The huge Bersted housing development and bypass have already caused massive problems with traffic jams and surrounding areas flooding.


Again, page seven of your latest edition blames global warming on rising sea levels, with no mention of the obvious effects of covering the land in concrete…it’s not rocket science.


This area cannot sustain more massive development on green field sites.


Developers should hang their heads in shame. In the name of profit, they are ignoring local people’s concerns.


Well done to the councillors who are seriously looking into these problems.


Pete Wakeford, Aldwick

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