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Meeting over homes fight

An extra meeting is being held by Aldwick’s councillors next week to decide if they will officially join a fight against housing.


The extraordinary session of Aldwick Parish Council will take place on Monday.


Members will be asked if they want to help to pay towards legal action by Pagham Parish Council to try to stop one of the large- scale housing developments in the area.


Pagham has taken its bid to the High Court to prevent Hanbury (PM) Ltd from building 400 homes south of Summer Lane. Its neighbouring council, Aldwick, has kept a close watch on proceedings. Cllr Lilian Richardson, its chairman, told its meeting on Monday she and some others had met with representatives of Pagham to discuss the matter.


“At the end of the meeting, those of us who were there decided we needed a bit more detail.


“We want everybody to see why we are making the decision we do and how much is going through the books.


“We have received extra paperwork from the clerk of Pagham Parish Council which sets out in more detail exactly how they want to proceed and where they are in the process. There will be an extraordinary meeting on June 25 at 7pm after the planning committee to discuss this.


“I urge you to attend because it’s an important matter to discuss,” she said.


She added Aldwick had set money aside in its budget to contribute to the housing campaign if councillors decided it warranted their support.


Although the sites are outside their boundary, Aldwick’s members have expressed their concern the influx of new residents will affect those already living in their area.


*A review of a land use blueprint could lead to more houses being built around Bognor Regis. The warning has been issued by one of Arun District Council’s recently elected members.


Cllr Tony Dixon (I, Aldwick E) used his report to Aldwick Parish Council to warn about the difficulties in changing the district local plan, which sets out areas for development and to be protected.


He said: “There is a groundswell of opinion that people are not happy with the local plan. We are exploring ways about what we can legitimately and legally do and it’s quite difficult.


“It’s a legally adopted local plan and there is not a lot of room for manoeuvre.”


Arun was required to earmark enough land for five years’ worth of housing under its government target but only had 4.7 years to make it more likely developers could gain planning approval, he said.


The local plan was adopted by Arun last July. If the council still lacked a five year land supply next July, it was obliged to review the local plan, Cllr Dixon said.


“But the big, big issue with reviewing the local plan is that the officers are telling us the housing figure we will have to meet then is 1,200 a year, rather than the 1,000 which is the current target,” he added.


“It’s a difficult situation for us. There are a lot of discussions going on.”

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