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Support for homes fight

Unanimous backing for the battle against homes in Pagham has been given by neighbouring councillors.


Aldwick Parish Council’s members agreed to give £10,000 towards the legal costs incurred by Pagham Parish Council in its fight to stop more 1,000 new homes being built in its area.


The decision will go towards the money which Pagham spent on its High Court case on Tuesday and is expecting to spend on a public appeal this October.


Pagham’s councillors have budgeted a total of £86,000 for both cases. They were given total support at the extraordinary meeting of Aldwick Parish Council called to discuss the donation on Monday.


Cllr Lilian Richardson, its chairman, said: “It’s important we contribute to this because it’s an expensive process for any parish council to undertake.


“This is going to make a difference to their cases. However, the judicial review is not their only case. There is the planning inquiry as well.”


Cllr Stella Coppard said: “We are honour bound to help them because they are taking the burden on this.


“It will affect us immensely, because everything has to come through Aldwick.


“We really think we should do our best to support them in anyway we can. They definitely need our support.”


Cllr Richard Gotheridge said: “I would rather the parish council spent £10,000 on playgrounds or toilet refurbishments but it’s hugely significant and important that we are seen to be supporting our neighbouring parish council.


“The impact will be felt in our area – the impact on the roads and all the other issues that have been raised with the local amenities etc.


“The local plan put these strategic sites (for housing) in this area voted for by the previous Arun.


“We are now going to have to unpick some of that because the infrastructure will not be there before the homes, which is disappointing.”


Cllr Carol Birch said: “The message I would like to send is we are fully supporting Pagham Parish Council and recognise this is a significant contribution towards it.”


Cllr John Bass said it was essential Aldwick Council had proof of the use to which the money had been put. This would enable it to justify the spending to its residents.


The nine councillors present agreed to request details from Pagham Council about how the money had been spent.


Tuesday’s High Court case involved 400 homes on land south of Summer Lane. But Pagham Council is also taking part in October’s planning inquiry to fight an appeal by developers for 300 homes in Hook Lane.


The other housing sites are Sefter Road (280 dwellings) and Church Barton Farm (65 homes). Both have been backed by Arun.

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