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Yapton homes are approved

Hundreds of homes have been approved for Yapton.


The outline proposal for up to 300 dwellings on land east of Drove Lane was backed by Arun District Council this week.


A total of 114 letters of objection to the scheme were received by the council. One of the objectors, Kelly Townshend, of Goodhew Close, told Arun: “Where do you suggest the children of the people who move into these houses will go?


“Yapton Primary school is already stretched. The road is bad enough as it is without adding to the traffic down there.


“Has anyone actually been there at 8.30am or 3.15pm? I doubt it very much. It’s horrendous.


“The doctors’ surgery? Good luck with getting an appointment there.


“There is still houses for sale in the new development behind Goodhew Close and yet you still want to build another 300+ houses. I understand the country needs more housing but with all these houses for sale or rent why build more?”


Arun planning officer David Easton said in his report: “The proposed development is considered to be acceptable in principle…and it has been identified within the report that the proposal will not conflict with the development plan.


“The impact of the proposed development upon existing infrastructure can be adequately mitigated through the contributions identified…”


But he said permission would only be granted subject to the completion by the developer, Landlink Estates, of a legal agreement to finance improvements to public services, such as education, and facilities.


Failure to reach agreement would result in the development failing to mitigate its impact in the village and conflict with the Arun’s planning policies.


Landlink Estates applied for planning permission for the development. A statement by one of its planning experts, Richards Urban Design, said: “In terms of the proposed land use, the site lies adjacent to the existing built up area with existing residential development to the north and east of the site.


“It is well located on a main route into the village, to existing facilities and services, and will deliver a logical and sustainable extension to the built-up area of Yapton.


“The proposed amount, layout and mix of housing will deliver both market and affordable market housing, for which there is a known demand in the village and which will make a worthwhile contribution toward the ever growing social housing requirement of this area and the district. A mix of house types is proposed to provide for starter homes, families and the elderly.”


Yapton Parish Council supported the scheme and especially the massing and density of the built up areas and the inclusion of bungalows. But its members called for its impact to be fully considered.

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