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Amazing Grace stays active for her 100th

Keen Bognor Regis artist Grace Parsons still reaches for her paintbrushes at the age of 100.


Grace enjoys mixing her oils and creating a variety of works to make the town’s oldest known artist.


She said: “Sometimes I use my imagination for paintings and others I use real life.


“I can take a flower from here, a flower from there and that makes it a bunch to paint. Sometimes I can get annoyed, though, when things go wrong.”


She has many examples of her handiwork on the walls of her flat at Dove Court in Sherwood Road.


Grace is also a keen needleworker and also cooks all her own meals.


She intend to continue with her routine even after she celebrated her 100th birthday last Saturday.


She was joined by her friends and neighbours, and her two nieces from Surrey, for an afternoon tea party. Some 40 people joined in the fun.


“I speak to people just the same now I’m 100,” she said. “I don’t feel any different.


“People ask me how I keep looking so young and I tell everybody to keep busy, though I would like a new pair of legs.


“When you retire, you don’t get time to do everything.”


Grace was born in Tottenham, north London, and had a sister. Her father was an engineer.


She went to school there and briefly worked in the Land Army in the Second World War before she had to leave to look after her mother.


She worked as a shop manager afterwards and moved around a variety of places, such as Brighton and Worthing.


She moved to Sunningdale Gardens, in North Bersted, where one of her neighbours, Judy Knight, has become her carer, before she moved to her current flat about 25 years ago.


They go shopping in Sainsbury’s every Tuesday and enjoy a coffee there before they browse the aisles.


Grace was married to her late husband, Steve, for some 60 years until he died around 11 years ago.

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