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Letter | Brian Brown

Dear Editor,


I note with interest the sign now displayed at the entrance to the London Road shops stating that cycling was against the law on the pavement and I believe it is also being prohibited in London Road.


I must agree with this as nearly every day in Bognor Regis there are adults cycling on the pavement and, unfortunately, you do not hear them coming.


In these days of health and safety, I find it amazing this is still being tolerated and I am sure before long someone will be knocked over.


Although I agree with this law, who is going to enforce it as you never see a police officer in Bognor Regis, but perhaps the officials employed to fine people for litter dropping or fouling of the pavement could take on the responsibility?


Anyway, cycles are for the road and anyone not confident to be on the road should not be on a bike.


My other complaint is concerning the weeds growing near the kerbs along West Street and adjoining roads which is a disgrace.


I am sure the council is welcoming the hot weather as now the weeds will probably die in the heat.


Brian Brown,
Seaward Court, Bognor Regis

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