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Letter | Keir Greenway

Dear Editor,


I must bring your attention to this photo I took on Saturday – the hottest day of the year.


In the month when Arun District Council’s new administration is due to scrap the Pavilion Park plans, I cannot believe that these ‘much loved’ gardens must be saved.


If the population of Bognor Regis were so infatuated with the Sunken Garden, then on the hottest day of the year, where was everyone? No-one having a picnic or playing in the children’s park?


I believe it to be an absolute falsehood that these gardens are treasured by residents. I spoke to a grandmother recently who said ‘There’s no way I’d take my grandchildren there’. I think this says it all.


Whilst I was there on Saturday, a seemingly drunk female started shouting at me and my friends. I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but on the ground by her feet was a carrier bag full of empty lager cans. So I knew what was going on.


She was living up to the Sunken Garden’s reputation.


This town needs regeneration, but the reputation of the Sunken Garden will stick around unless something dramatic is done.


The Pavilion Park will achieve this. We must look to the future.

Keir Greenway,
North Bersted

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