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Letter | Mary Stanley

Dear Editor,


Reading your report on the scrapping of the Pavilion Park, i.e. Sunken Garden, I am surprised that Tory councillors thought that people should be asked what they think.


Where were these councillors when local people were protesting about the former Arun District Council plans and were consistently ignored?


Arun went on regardless, spent a lot of money and just before the local elections had four extravagant noticeboards erected showing people what they might get.


We were told how wonderful this new park would be but what about the future of the health centre and the building of two tall blocks of flats, which had been quietly put on the back burner?


There would have been car parking – several rows of it, the full length of the green strip and the notice boards promised lighting to encourage activities in the park 24/7.


Would those same protesting councillors have voted for that amount of activity outside their own front doors?


Let’s hope the new council will come up with better ideas and, this time, have full consultations with local people before going ahead.


Mary Stanley,
Sylvan Way,
Bognor Regis

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