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Letter | Nick Cotton

Dear Editor,


Many people in Aldwick and Bognor Regis think that Craigweil is quite a pukka estate, but impressions can be misleading.


Whilst the overwhelming majority of private housing estates in England (well over 90 per cent) are managed by professional managing agents because the residents are good neighbours and want their estates managed properly, the residents of Craigweil have no managing agent working there.


Although it was some years ago now, a former neighbour of mine employed a workman to climb up a ladder carrying a hammer and chisel who proceeded to demolish the chimney and then the rest of the side elevation of the house nearest to my home.


If this had happened on another estate it would have been considered unneighbourly but as it was in Craigweil hardly anyone was concerned.


There was no managing agent to investigate or act as sheriff, then or now.


So if you ever think of buying a home in a private estate, check to make sure you are happy with how it is managed.

Nick Cotton
The Drive,
Bognor Regis

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