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Letter | West Meads

Dear Editor,


I read with interest the letter sent in and published by yourselves in the Friday, July 12, edition of your paper.


The letter was sent in by Mr Nick Cotton regarding estate management, or should I say the lack of it.


I live on what is termed a garden estate, The West Meads in Aldwick, one of only a handful of garden estates left in the country.


This estate is supposed to be and, in fact, was designed to be an open plan estate, meaning exactly that.


However, over the past few years people moving on to and already living on what is/was a beautiful estate, seem hell bent on putting up high wooden fences in front of their property.


We have residents and developers trying to squeeze extra properties or big extensions into their gardens, many of which are not so pretty.


Yes, I appreciate it’s ‘their property’, but why on earth do you want to put ugly wooden six foot fences up around the front of your property?


Thankfully, there are a few residents that complain to the authorities, but very little is done.


With that, and the gangs of feral youths wandering the estate day and night, smoking/dealing weed, causing damage and covering the green in sweet wrappers, plastic bottles et al, the estate will soon no longer be the lovely open estate it was designed to be.


I was led to believe the younger generation were more aware of the litter/plastic problem. Well, that is certainly not the case with our youths.


And as for dog owners not clearing up after their animals, don’t get me started. They should be ashamed.


A concerned resident,
West Meads

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