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Pupils inspired by meeting ex-bodyguard of Nelson Mandela

Spellbound students at Felpham Community College enjoyed a talk by an internationally acclaimed speaker.


Chris Lubbe kept the Year 8 and Year 9 students engaged throughout his workshops with them.


Yasmin Tetra, the college’s curriculum leader for citizenship, said: “Chris was amazing.


“He spoke to both year groups for over an hour and a half each.


“There was no fidgeting or looking at watches. He kept all the students spellboound and engaged for the whole workshop. He spoke about growing up in South Africa and the experience and difficulties he faced in relation to everyone being equal.


“He worked as Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard and shared stories, highlighting his philosophy for forgiving those who have done you wrong or gone against what you believe.


“All the students really enjoyed the workshop and wanted their photo taken with Chris after.”


Chris brings his experience and tales to various industries around the world.

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