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Street trader is told ‘try again’

A cook had his bid to sell food in Bognor Regis town centre rejected because of his downmarket trailer.


Piotr Ciosek was told councillors liked his idea of providing organic beef burgers. But they believed the mobile unit from which he wanted to trade would not benefit the London Road precinct.


Cllr John Charles, chairman of Arun District Council’s licensing sub-committee, said: “We have discussed this at length and we reluctantly refuse the application because it does not improve the town centre.


“However, we are extremely happy with the offering and the food side and we want to encourage you to discuss with our officers, the stakeholders and the Bognor Regis Improvement District representatives to improve on your market stall. We wish you all the best.”


He suggested Mr Ciosek looked at the seafront outlets to see how he could gain the sub-committee’s approval.


“I think this (stall) would do you more harm than good. I probably shouldn’t say that but I am trying to help you.


“You should talk to our officers and then re-apply at a later date,” he said.


Council licensing officer Sarah Meerten said: “We will provide some guidance to Mr Ciosek.” He began those talks straight after last Friday’s meeting.


Mr Ciosek had applied for street trading consent to site his stall in the precinct to sell burgers, tortillas, and hot and cold drinks as the King of Tastes.


His intended hours of business were 8am to 3pm at weekends. His mobile unit would measure 7ft x 5ft.


Mr Ciosek said he was inspired to seek to start a business because of the problems he and his family had found in buying healthy food when they were out in the town.


“None of the restaurants are able to satisfy my family because they all want different things,” he said.


“We try to eat good quality, organic food, which as we know these days is really, really difficult. We are not the only family in Bognor Regis like this.


“The benefit people will get out of my business is with that type of food.”


Mr Ciosek had applied to sell food for a year. He had offered to paint his trailer in a colour of the sub-committee’s choosing and create a logo its members liked.


*Mrs Meerten told the committee she intended to create a new street trading policy for Bognor Regis to reflect the improved town centre.


“There have been some enhancements to the public realm and it’s consider important to review our street trading policy in line with these improvements so we can be sure street trading provision in this area enhances the offering for customers,” she said.


The policy would consider which traders would best improve the precinct, benefit shoppers and increase footfall.


“If we consider this with what we already have on the high street, we need to have a balance between the number of street traders and local businesses.


“We will be considering if traders bring a positive addition to the town centre,” she added. Work on the new policy should start this summer.

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