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Celebrity’s surprise TV visit to seafront

Funshine days took an unexpected turn last week as crews from ITV and BBC arrived to film.


The seafront was taken over on Wednesday by crews from the pop-up game show In for a Penny and for BBC’s Top Gear.


Hannah Murphy and Lynee Farmer were in charge of the hula hoop workshop taking place as part of the Funshine Days hosted by Bognor Regis Town Council.


Hannah said: “It’s been such a random day. I didn’t imagine when I woke up that I’d end up seeing the filming of Top Gear and In for a Penny.


“Stephen Mulhern was literally here. They were over here playing earlier and we’ve been asked to go over there in a bit! It’s absolutely crazy.”


The crowds of people trying to get a flash of Stephen Mulhern’s icy eyes were also enticed by the hula hooping.


“We’ve had so many people,” she said.


“It’s been really good fun. Earlier, we were running it as an actual workshop but now there’s been so much coming and going that now people are just coming along picking a hoop up and having a go.


“It’s not just the children enjoying it, the adults are too.


“It’s so nice to see people happy, to put a smile on their faces. It really does tie in with our motto ‘Giggle while you wiggle’.”


Hannah and Lynne both travelled from Fareham where their business is based.


“It’s been mad because of the film crew,” Lynne said. “The kids have been having so much fun. There’s been lots going on, I’m impressed at how much is happening.”


Mum of two, Leslie Nielsen, was one of the impressed mums who attended the event, unaware of the celebrity appearances.


“The funshine events are good anyway, let alone when there are celebrities just down the prom.


“This is our first funshine day this year, but normally we come to quite a few. There were things we wanted to but didn’t get a chance.


“We love it. It’s so nice to see different people trying different things.


“Events like this are what gives Bognor life. It’s lovely when we have nice things in the town, and we do have a lot, that put Bognor on the map in a good way.



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