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Exhibition showing addiction through the eyes of a mother

A mother is launching an art exhibition tonight sharing her experience of having a son struggling with addiction.


Antonia Rolls will be displaying her work through an exhibition at Waltham House, Bognor Regis.


The Brighter the Light display is being launched at a preview tonight and will run through until Wednesday.


“During the worst times of his addictions,” Antonia said, “I had to find a way to both witness and survive his pain.


“The pain was not limited to him. I and the rest of our family suffered a great deal, but nothing could touch the trauma that my son experienced.


“Somehow, we have come through and this son has come back to us. Slowly we are all finding our way into the future.”


The paintings are based on what Antonia saw, including the huge part that partying played in her son’s life.


Antonia will also be displaying art from Michael Macalister and Marie Paul, two friends who have also overcome addiction. Antonia said:


“My aim is to work with other people to tell their stories about addiction so that we can know more about this illness.”

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