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Fun on the Prom is forced to move

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Newly built fencing has made it impossible for a major Felpham prom event to take place at its usual site.


Tomorrow’s, Sat 3 August, Fun on the Prom has in the past been held on two patches of grass along the seafront. But the new railings on the western half have prompted a rethink.


The fence was erected by Arun District Council on the public greensward to reduce the increasing number of dogs fouling on the strip of grass.


While there has always been a low wall, the addition of a metal railing has caused a number of residents to complain.


Cllr Dave Smart, chairman of Felpham Parish Council, said it ensured the public would still be able to enjoy the family occasion even if they were disgruntled by the fencing.


“The fence has obviously caused problems, but it won’t actually affect the event,” he said.


“We have condensed Fun on the Prom on to the eastern greensward.


“In the past, we have used both areas, but after a few small changes we have condensed it and it will be fine.


“Over the years, the whole event has changed and evolved. We hope this year’s will be bigger and better than ever.”


Fun on the Prom runs from 1pm, opening with hours of children’s entertainment, then music on the stage, and a spectacular fireworks display at 9.45pm to provide an eye-catching finale.


a number of residents have complained about what they believe was insufficient consultation before the fence was put in.


One of the residents, Mo Cook, said she was aware of people’s unhappiness about the fence.


She said: “The memorial benches which are now behind the barriers have been dedicated by friends and relatives of people who once sat there and enjoyed the views.


“It was a happy friendly place, part of a friendly bay on a friendly seafront.


Mo and other residents want the barriers either removed or moved in line with the entrance gates to the greensward.


She said: “The public should have access to the grass and memorial benches. Arun, or whoever installed them, took a diabolical liberty when they closed off the public greensward.


“They restricted access to memorial benches donated to the public and ruined the view of the bay.


“I am totally ‘dischuffed’, disappointed and angry that we are being treated with such disdain.”


An Arun officer told her: “The erection of the fence is part of a package of measures to reduce dog fouling, which include continuing enforcement patrols, enhanced dog control signage and provision of dog poo bins.”

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