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Help required to keep popular event going

NEW volunteers are needed to ensure one of the biggest events in Bognor Regis continues.


Hotham Park Heritage Trust is seeking fresh helpers to maintain the success of its country fair.


Last weekend saw an estimated turnout of more than 10,000 pack the park for two days of attractions.


But heritage trust chairman Anne Cranham said the charity required assistance from a lot of people to ensure the event went well – and would continue to do well in the future.

“We need to find a good deal more volunteers from the community who are willing to work together,” she said.

“We can continue but only with the support of the community and people who want to help.”



This year’s fair relied on dozens of unpaid individuals who united to ensure the occasion passed off smoothly.



“I have got to thank so many volunteers who came forward to help to make it such a successful event,” said Anne.

“There must have been 50 people helping, including members of the heritage trust.”
The trust was pleased the security help it hired for the fair after vandalism and thefts overnight at last year’s event had paid off.


She said:



“There were no problems overnight. The park was completely quiet. Our security measures ensured there were no incidents. The security was tight and excellent.”



This year’s country fair also featured a high-profile entertainer to open it.


Performer Bobby Davro entertained a crowd around the bandstand for some ten minutes to get proceedings under way, ahead of his appearances at the Regis Centre later this month.


He was followed by scores of entertainers of all ages during the two days.


They included the Domingaso salsa display, musical theatre duo Caroline + Chloe, singers Riley Clark and Kate Richards and party band Funk Junction.


Juniors and seniors from Art of Dance and Fitness opened the entertainment on Sunday and Tsuyoi ryu karate, HnD, the RAFA Club skiffle band and the Andy Beaumont Band were also on the planned programme, as well as a repeat performance by Riley and Kate.


Drama workshops by Dramatis and talks about birds of prey by Hawking About were also held.

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