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Letter | Angela MacTavish

Dear Editor,


The sketch of Valhalla (Bognor Regis Post, August 16 in Sylvia Endacott’s Changing Times), pictured left – one of the pair of iconic buildings by the roundabout where the High Street and Lyon Street meet – shows how the repainting of the magnificent exterior restored the vitality of the whole area around. Other localities have benefited similarly.


I believe that, if it is not too late, rather than selecting small areas of Bognor Regis for intensive regeneration with a budget of £4m, the simple uplift of a coat of paint would give the whole town the refreshment it needs.


This would attract and give pleasure to residents and visitors alike throughout the year in a simpler and more cost-effective way.


I wonder if it would be possible to introduce a scheme in central Bognor Regis.


Perhaps it could be trialled in a conservation area and carefully administered, whereby property owners could reclaim perhaps 50 per cent of the cost of (exterior) paint on completion of their own house repainting through a token scheme, with local paint suppliers boosting their sales.


In this way, the regeneration would become a joint effort and have the additional value of community involvement.

Angela MacTavish,
Pagham Road,

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