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Letters to the Editor: Felpham Fencing, Paul English

Dear Editor,



I consider it a travesty of justice to have had the fencing on Felpham seafront carried out without any consultation by Arun District Council with any sitting parish or district councillor prior to the election.


There was no consultation with any residents and what seems a deliberate action to have rushed the work during the purdah period to head off any real debate.


One person made the decision to spend over £80,000 of Arun council taxpayers’ money on this. Nor, even as I understand, was any cabinet member told or spoken to by any senior department employees in carrying out this week.


If they had been, I am sure advice to consult would have been made and, if not, why not?


There has been no guarantee that this will be removed. There is no guarantee that it will not occur anywhere else in Arun or, even, other greenswards fenced off. This has firmly stopped Felpham Parish Council using the area as the long-established site of Fun on the Prom that is put on for all residents to enjoy.


It appears that Arun allows the beach hut owners unlimited use of the area that was always open for use by all.


A clear demarcation of an area for the hut owners to use is needed. I have seen large areas of the greenswards fenced off with windbreakers to stop others using it. It is this which should come under control!


We have a new administration and a new cabinet member at Arun that advocates openness. This situation needs correcting and a firm policy made of all officers carrying out consultation in the first place of the elected representatives of the community.


If 14 offences of those caught allowing their dogs to foul causes this result, then a full scrutiny of these new policy needs investigating.


This is one step too far and so many questions remain unanswered for the public using Felpham’s seafront.



Councilor Paul English,


Felpham East,


Arun District Council

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