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Letters to the editor: road repair issues, Giles Binyon

Dear Editor,



I have taken photographs illustrating the progressive destruction of the roadsides and verges of the main commuting route for residents of Pagham.


They show just one example of many and will come as no surprise to the regular users of this road. The fact such recent repair work can be destroyed so quickly will also come as no surprise.


For the benefit of those fortunate enough not to have to use this road, the gouging out of the roadsides is caused because, as well as the usual cars and bicycles, this narrow winding road also has to support articulated lorries, buses and large agricultural vehicles resulting in the wheels of said vehicles spilling over the edges of the road.


It was with interest, therefore, that I read last week that Hallam Land Management Ltd are offering a £100,000 bond for measures to Pagham Road. Let us be clear, this sweetener is being offered days before the Arun District Council development control committee meeting takes place to decide on Hallam’s second attempt to build at least 300 homes on Hook Lane field.


This is because their first application was refused in October, 2018, due to: ‘increased vehicle movements…will exacerbate the capacity issues on the local highway network…’


This second application is almost the same as the first. I read that the clerk for Pagham Parish Council was still unhappy with the new application. She is absolutely right. The bond being offered is for signs to warn of speeding.


Speeding is a problem on a lot of roads here and throughout the county. And more signage to try and control it could be good.


However, it is the nature of Pagham Road coupled with the size and volume of traffic which causes the accidents, delays and its degrading condition.


However, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of regime change. The new politicians are now having to confront ingrained forces.



Giles Binyon


Carlton Avenue, Rose Green

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