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New measures to keep pupils safe outside school

Pupils who attend Aldingbourne Primary School will be safer on their way to and from lessons.


West Sussex County Council is set to install two road safety measures outside the school. One will be a signal-controlled pedestrian crossing on Westergate Street, immediately south of the school’s entrance.


A statement by the council’s director of law and assurance, Tony Kershaw says: “Planning consent has been granted for the construction of a residential property development on land west of Westergate Street, located behind Aldingbourne Primary School.


“As part of the requirement to provide safe and sustainable transport options for this development, the developer has been required to install a pedestrian crossing on Westergate Street.”


To make room for the crossing, the existing ‘School Keep Clear’ markings outside the school need to be changed.


The current markings are advisory and cannot be enforced.


“To improve safety outside the school, it is therefore proposed to make the revised parking legally enforceable between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday to prohibit parking at times access to the school is most likely to be needed,” says Mr Kershaw.


“The new (Traffic Regulation) Order is therefore proposed to improve the amenities of the area through which the affected lengths of road runs and to facilitate the passage of traffic.”


Public consultation about the proposals lasts until August 29.

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