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Nursery makes new plans for accommodation for workers

A fresh bid has been made for a caravan site at a Pagham nursery.


The latest application for Newlands Nursery would enable 31 caravans to be placed on site from each February to November. These would be used to accommodate between 93 and 186 workers at the location in Pagham Road.


A statement by the company’s planning agent, Douglas Briggs Partnership, says: “The number of workers changes as seasonal requirements demand with the maximum number of workers per caravan not to exceed six for welfare reasons.”


The company’s current proposal for a certificate of lawfulness for Arun District Council to decide follows its withdrawal in June of its original scheme for year-round seasonal workers’ accommodation.


This led to 84 letters of objection being received by Arun as well as a request by Pagham Parish Council for more details before the application was decided because of the complexity of the law about accommodation for horticultural workers. Facts provided with the latest plan show Newlands Nursery has three growing seasons which it says shows the caravans are needed for ten months.

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