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Ormiston students’ determination pays off

Ormiston six villages GCSE results

“I know people will ignore this but it really is important to start revising as early as you can.”


That’s student Cara Neale’s advice for students beginning their GCSE journey.


The year 11 pupil from Ormiston Six Villages Academy joined her class mates in celebrating an impressive set of GCSE results yesterday.


Achieving grades 5-7 in all her subjects, Cara said:


“I’ve never passed geography so I didn’t have high hopes.


“I’m so pleased because I ended up getting a grade 5, really I expected a grade 3 at most!


“I did a lot of online revision, lots of quizzes that I repeated and went over again and again.”


Performances at the academy in Westergate were particularly high in English this year.


An impressive 67 per cent of students achieved between a grade 4 and grade 8, and 52 per cent scored between grade 5 and grade 8 – defined by the government as a good pass.


Principal Paul Slaughter was with the pupils as they celebrated their results yesterday.


He said:


“Today’s results highlight the commitment every student has shown to their studies over the last five years at Six Villages.


“I am immensely proud of our students’ achievements and wish them the very best of luck in the next stage of their education.


“We look forward to hearing about their future successes.


“Results like these can only be achieved with a huge team effort and are testament to the undoubted strengthening core at Ormiston Six Villages.”


Belle Mills, the academy’s deputy head girl, was accompanied by her mum.


She said:


“I found it all very difficult of course. A lot of the stuff in the news and the media make it sound so daunting. But I tried hard and it paid off in the end.


“I worked so hard. I started revising about two months before the exams. I did a lot of flash cards and watched a tonne of Youtube videos.


“I’m going to Chichester College in September to do maths, economics and sociology.”


Her mum, Lisa Mills, said:


“Her results are fantastic. We are really pleased with thems and she is really pleased too, and rightfully so. These fantastic results mean she can do what she can at college.”


Among the day’s achievements were several individual success stories, including the year’s head girl Holly Thompson and head boy, Ben Beckinsale.


Holly achieved a grade 9 in maths, as well as five grade 8s, two grade 7s and one grade 6.


Ben reached the top two per cent of marks in the country and achieved grade 9s in both chemistry and physics, along with four grade 8s, one grade 7 and one grade 6.


Michael Whiteman and Lauren Collins were also celebrating their successes yesterday.


“I’m blown away” Michael said.


“I did better than I expected. I’m gobsmacked I didn’t think that I could get anything like this. Next year I’m going to Chichester College to do media.”


Lauren is planning on going to Havant College in September to do outdoor adventure.


She said:


“I’m really pleased and really happy.


“I didn’t think I could get English or maths and I have passed them both. I haven’t passed English since my mock but thankfully I did today!


“Outdoor adventure is like extreme sports, skiing and stuff like that. I like the idea of doing a ski season and teaching skiing.”


The academy is also celebrating the 21 per cent of students who achieved top grades of 7 or above across a range of subjects.


Results were also strong in STEM subjects (science, technology, English and Maths), with 71 per cent of students achieving a good pass or higher in biology and physics.

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