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Philip Howard Catholic High School students celebrate their record-breaking GCSE results

Students and staff are celebrating their best ever GCSE results at St Philip Howard School in Barnham.


Eddie Crichell and his twin sister, Grace, were just two of the class of 2019 students celebrating this year’s achievements.


“I’m so pleased, I didn’t even think I was going to pass a couple of them, so to pass all of them is great.


“I revised with my girlfriend, that really worked for me.


“She’s great at English and I’m pretty good at maths so we balanced out quite well.


“I could help her where she needed it and she could help me too.


“I would say that’s what really helped and I would advise people who are starting to revise for GCSEs to definitely find a friend to revise with.”


Grace’s art grade really stood out as she walked away with an impressive 9 yesterday morning.


She said:


“I did better than expected, particularly in art and design.


“It’s something I really want to go into when I move up to sixth form so I’m really happy.


“My art was definitely the thing I focused on most. When I did my coursework I just practised loads and loads of different styles, I’m constantly doodling.”


Headteacher David Carter said:


“We are so proud of all of our students regardless of the numerical grade they achieved.


“They all worked so hard and achieved their very best. More importantly, they are also great people, being kind, caring and confident individuals. We look forward to charting their success as they move into the sixth form and wider world.


“Both A-Level and GCSE results this year have surpassed all expectations. Our school was ranked top in West Sussex for both GCSE and A-Level last year and we look forward to welcoming both our current and new students in September.”


Jessica Rayner and Eloise Longhurst were among the excited students.


Jessica said:


“I am really, really happy with my results.


“Some of them I’d expected to do well in, some were a complete surprise.


“Online videos really helped with my revision, particularly in maths and science.”


For maths, Jessica achieved a grade 8 and in biology, chemistry and physics she got 9s.


“I’m over the moon with my results. I started revising just after Christmas and then properly pushed myself in February onwards. I did different revision techniques for different subjects.


“It’s so important to find out what works for you. That would be my piece of advice, try lots of revision techniques out, whether that be YouTube videos or making flashcards. And those techniques might not be the same across all subjects. You just have to experiment a bit.”


Particular commendation was made by the school to the students who made a clean sweep of top grades.


Nia Edwards achieved an impressive grade 9 in every one of her subjects.


Lucy Owen achieved nine grade 9s and Jess Rayner and Tyler Edwards gained eight grade 9s and two grade 8s.


Mollie Finniear and Ben Lewis, Paddy McGreal, Georgia Hunt, Alyssa Castillo, Millie Folkes and Charlotte Zanger all achieved 10 GCSEs at Grade 9-7 – highly impressive!


Despite the rigorous exam curriculum, 28 per cent of students achieved grades which were 9-7.


More than half the year group got at least one grade 9-7.


A remarkable 22 students achieved 8 or more GCSEs at the top grades.


Morgan Kew thanked her teachers as she received her results.


She said:


“I know it’s obvious but the teachers really did help out so much.


“They were all so supportive. There were lots of after school revision classes and they all helped wherever they could. It definitely helped a lot.”

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