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Pond cameras plan

CCTV is to be installed at an Aldwick beauty spot.


Four cameras will be sited around Aldwick Duck Pond in the coming months.


The volunteers with the pond’s guardian, Aldwick Preservation Society, are nearing their fundraising target of £4,000 for the crime prevention measure.


Chairman Paul Bignell said the CCTV would be completed by the end of this year at the latest. He said: “It could well be in during September and October. The cameras will be in four different spots. We want them to act as a deterrent more than anything else.”


The society has decided to go ahead with the CCTV after a serious spate of vandalism in the early summer.


Mr Bignell said it was the worst set of incidents the society had known.


“We had seats smashed up for three weeks running. The worst week saw three seats smashed up.


“You wonder what goes through people’s heads when they are doing things like that.


“There was one particular group of kids that has been identified. Some of them have been identified and spoken to by the police,” he said.


The damaged seats have been repaired and put back into use.


Mr Bignell spoke about the CCTV at the society’s latest open day at the Aldwick Road pond last Saturday.


Between 50 and 100 people went along to find out about the work of the charity in keeping the area looking attractive.


“Today is all about keeping the interest in the pond up. It’s about keeping the area in the minds of people and letting new people who have moved into the area know about it. It’s a lovely area to visit and it’s looking really good at the moment.”


Six new members joined the society at the open day. Mr Bignell praised the volunteers who spent hours each week maintaining the pond.


One of those at the open day was Dave Robinault, of neighbouring Margaret Close. He said:


“This is a nice and quiet area. Every day, I walk through here to buy my paper and speak to the people walking their dogs.”


The society was formed in 1977 by residents who wanted to save the old cattle pond next to Aldwick Farm as part of their campaign against plans for a large roundabout at the junction of Hawthorn Road and Aldwick Road.

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