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Protest at homes plan

Green Party members have warned the approval of new homes in Pagham will be costly to future residents.


As reported, Arun District Council’s development control committee backed outline plans for up to 300 homes on a field north of Hook Lane last week.


Carol Birch, the Green Party’s co-ordinator for Arun, said after the meeting its members were disappointed by the narrow decision by 7-6 votes.


Building so close to the coast was exactly what should be avoided.


“We believe this action will be costly in every sense of the word to future residents of Arun.


“The government needs to protect our farmland and wildlife,” she said.


“This situation has shown how work the protection for both currently is, since the need for new housing has led to building being allowed on farmland that is also home to wildlife and on low-lying coastal land.


“Even more cars on the road will lead to further pollution. Our bus service is very expensive.


“A recent survey we carried out in Pagham found that the biggest obstacle to using the bus to Chichester was the cost.”


She also called on the district council to take proper account of the need to act urgently to protect the environment.


This would involve cutting carbon emissions and protecting wildife.


Ms Birch said residents who spoke at the development control committee had raised many valid and common sense objections to the development. These had ranged from flooding and sewage issues to congestion and the lack of affordable public transport.


But it was appreciated the district council was in a difficult position because of the high number of new housing which had been imposed on it by the government, she added.


However, the local plan approved by the council last year did promise to protect vulnerable areas and improve the environment.

Posted in Local Developments, News.