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Sam susses out symmetry of life

FORMER Felpham pupil Sam Smith wants others to know how to live happily.


Life coach Sam has written a well-received book about gaining perspective, boosting confidence and increasing self-awareness.


Suss the Symmetry promotes ways for individuals to find a balance in modern life. She said: “I wrote it because I wanted to create a life coaching book that was uplifting and witty and fun and enjoyable to read.


“I wanted to write something that encouraged the reader to develop deeper self-awareness and confidence, and I wanted to include modern, relatable ‘case stories’ – actual short stories – that are engaging to read and related to modern life.”
Sam, 42, has joined with two of her oldest friends from Bishop Tufnell schools and Felpham Community College to stage a special event tomorrow to allow people to experience her ideas.


The Confidence Consortium will take place from 10.30am-2pm tomorrow at the Hamblin Centre in Bosham. It also involves personal trainer Jenny Randolph and personal stylist and image consultant Vicky Booker.


Sam will talk about self-confidence and the day will enable people to reset, revive and redefine their approach to life.


Sam worked in the London fashion industry after she left college. She crossed the Atlantic Ocean to New York in 2006 and began to work with people in the industry starting new businesses.


“They were dealing with issues of confidence and telling me about their lives and businesses,” she said.


This led her to retrain as a life coach and she has amassed a series of qualifications to guide her work.She said:


“Suss the Symmetry is a unique take on finding balance in chaotic modern life. If your imagination can take you to dark places and downtrodden perspectives, why on earth not nudge it along to somewhere better and let it take you to somewhere inspiring and wonderful instead.


“I love my work. It’s great to be part of other people’s transformations. It’s about moving someone forward.


“It can often be a single issue which they are looking at from one way. I can encourage them to look at in another way and find the answer to it. It can be good for people to have someone to talk to who is not family or friend.”


She has clients in the Felpham and Bognor Regis area as well as New York.


Some see her for a single session. The help for others can be on more regular.


She returns to Felpham as often as possible. “I love New York, but I don’t think it gets better than a sunny summer day in Felpham.


“I love how big the sky always seems, spotting the stars at night and spending time on the beach,” she added.


Suss the Symmetry is available at: Tickets for the Confidence Consortium at:

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