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Successes for Bognor Regis sixth formers

Successes for sixth formers

Studying maths at Cambridge University is the next step for James Angus after picking up an outstanding four A* yesterday.


As well as achieving his impressive A-level grades, the St Philip Howard Catholic High School sixth form student, 18, also achieved the highest possible grade of Outstanding in the university’s papers to test students’ maths abilities.


Fellow student and future primary school teacher, Shane Fitzgibbon, made the school proud as his three As secured his place to train in primary teaching at Winchester University next year.


“I was incredibly happy,” he said.


“I honestly didn’t think it would be this good. The result I’m most surprised about, and proud of, is probably history.


“I found it really hard. I am speechless.”


Shane, 18, studied history, sociology and RE, achieving As in all three.


“While I got an unconditional for Winchester,” Shane added, “and that did take a bit of stress off, I still knew I had to try as hard as I could.


“I spent as much time as possible with teachers. I did lots of past papers and looking through mark schemes.


“I knew what I wanted and went for it.”


Shane was joined by his class mates and friends in celebrating their results.


Rebecca Holland achieved A*A*A in psychology, sociology and drama and theatre studies.


She said:


“I’m so beyond happy with my grades.


“Even though I don’t necessarily need them for next year, I still knew I had to try hard. I wanted to do it for myself.”


Rebecca is continuing with her time at the Chichester Festival Theatre, and hopes to teach drama in the future.


“Doing well at A-level is just about trying as hard as you can and believing in yourself. You do have to push yourself but it pays off.


“I was lucky, I had lots of help at home from my parents and my teachers, but at the end of the day it was down to me.


“I had to want it, and I had to put in the work for myself.”


Headteacher Dave Carter said:


“We are so proud of all our students at St Philip Howard for the grades they have achieved, the efforts they have put in.


“Most importantly we are proud of them for being such kind, caring and capable individuals ready to take their place in the modern world.


“We wish them every success in the future.”


The sixth from celebrated an 100 per cent pass rate for this year’s A-level students.


Over 80 per cent of pupils achieved A*-C grades and nine students received three A grades, or more.


A third of all students sitting exams also achieved at least one A grade. Many of them secured their places on their desired degree or apprenticeship courses.


By Lotte Pegler

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