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Absence of green choices criticised

Countryside campaigners have condemned latest choices for a new Arundel A27 bypass.


CPRE Sussex said the lack of the name of green for any of the six options summed up the impact of proposals on woodlands west of the town.


None of the schemes offered any green transport alternative. All would involve the destruction of valuable trees, according to the charity, and only one would avoid negatively impacting the South Downs National Park.


Kia Trainer, CPRE Sussex’s director, said:


“We are appalled at the dismissive way Highways England has treated any alternatives to road building.


“Nearly all our councils have declared a climate emergency and road building on this scale just isn’t compatible with the county’s new emissions targets.


“All these options fly in the face of everything Sussex has pledged to do in response to the overwhelming evidence of a climate crisis.”


CPRE Sussex has called on Highways England to stop the process and urgently reconsider its approach to green transport.


“Most of the road options on the table are completely unaffordable, and all are extremely environmentally damaging,” said Ms Trainor.


“The money would be far better spent on improving alternative modes of transport by investing better rail services and buses.


“But Highways England has completely failed to consider this as an option which is shocking. These choices are every colour but green.”


The saga of the bypass dates back some two decades. The current proposals originated in a 2015 feasibility study by Highways England.


This was followed by a consultation in 2017 before the previous preferred route was announced in May, 2018. It had to be revised after a High Court challenge.

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