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Extra lorries alarm council

ROAD safety worries were highlighted as Aldwick councillors opposed plans for a new convenience store.


The effect of 35 deliveries a week, four of them in HGVs, to the proposed One Stop shop in the former Ship Inn alarmed parish council members.


They agreed a long list of objections to the scheme from the Tesco-owned firm.


Cllr Carol Birch said at Aldwick Parish Council’s planning committee on Monday: “The big concern is the big lorries.


“They probably will not end up in the car park. They will be on the road and they will cause a hazard to cars coming along. It is already quite dangerous there because it is quite close to the bend and there is only a pavement on one side.”


As reported, a campaign has begun to open a people’s pub in The Ship through a community share ownership scheme by the Friends of The Ship Inn. Some 150 residents packed a meeting last week to hear about the idea.


One Stop has asked Arun District Council at the same time to change the schedule of deliveries to the premises agreed when the council backed plans to convert the pub to a convenience store.


Terry Mullins, the Friends’ fundraising leader, told the parish council: “The site is on a narrow, busy road used to commute between Bognor Regis and the A27.”


The proposal for the 38ft 28-tonne articulated lorries delivering to the store would cause ‘danger and inconvenience to pedestrians and other road users four times a week’.


Including the HGVs, the total number of intended deliveries would rise from 21 from the approved plans to 35.


“The quality of life, safety and wellbeing of local residents will be considerably inconvenienced,” he said.


Planning committee chairman Cllr Lilian Richardson outlined ten objections which its members unanimously backed.


These included the lack of a pavement outside the store, on the north side of Aldwick Road, the expected extra parking on the road’s south side by shoppers and the need to meet highways conditions which Arun imposed in 2014.


These included a barrier on Aldwick Road’s north side to protect walking shoppers at the store and a raised crossing point from the south side.


“It already shows a lack of care on their (One Stop) part. At the end of the day, you would have thought they would have looked back and seen what highways were objecting to last time and make efforts to overcome that – but it does not appear that they have,” she said.


Cllr Alan Smith said traffic conditions in Aldwick Road had worsened since Arun’s initial approval five years ago.


“The traffic has probably doubled and the speed has also increased. There is also the added problem of the increased traffic from the Pagham developments, which will be coming down that road to make the conditions worse.”


Cllr Sue Stallard said: “This is going to be dangerous, so I would object to it.”

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