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Dear Editor,


It is very sad that the Lib Dems still call themselves Democrats and yet while, locally, they claim to represent the people – who they say they listen to – it is amazing that, nationally, they claim now not to represent the people by ignoring the will of the people in the referendum – the people who were given the sovereignty to instruct parliament on what to do.


To call oneself a democrat means to respect democracy and not to sow division.


Will the local Lib Dems and their candidate for parliament speak out and say they will respect the 64.8 per cent of voters in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton who voted out.


Our local MP, Nick Gibb, voted to remain but has stated to me that he is deeply committed to ensure the results of the referendum are implemented as this was the largest democratic exercise ever undertaken by our democracy with a turnout of 72.2 per cent.


So, I ask who are the democrats? A person cannot say they do not like the result when their football team loses 1-0 and they want the game replayed.


David Box,
Shelley Road,
Bognor Regis

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