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Letter to the editor | 199 year old Valhalla

Dear Editor,


I WAS impressed by the drawing of my house, Valhalla, (Bognor Regis Post August 16) which is where I live.


It has been in my family for 150 years.


The building, right, is grade II listed and built 199 years ago.


Inevitably, it got to the point that it required structural repair and redecorations.


I had to wait until I had saved enough money to pay for the work to be done.


during this time I received threatening and intimidating letters from Arun District Council.


The work was carried out by ten local traders.


All of them did an excellent job, it took over three months and cost £15,000.


I agree that there are properties in our high street that need a facelift but this is the responsibility of those who own them, few, if any live in this


Generally, the tenant is liable for the internal decor and the owner the exterior with the expense being offset against income or corporation tax if they are liable to pay any.


I am a pensioner who struggles to make ends meet. The largest single expense I have is council tax.


The cost of a quick lick of paint is, in this case, not a public expense.



Michael May
High Street
Bognor Regis
Po21 1HA

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