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Letter to the editor | A27 Arundel bypass

Dear Editor,


The wasteful, damaging, totally unnecessary project of the A27 Arundel bypass should be stopped following the Welsh government’s recent precedent to stop building a wider, re-routed M4 in south Wales for environmental and cost reasons.


All the bypass route options destroy rural land, thereby increasing pollution by 100 per cent; totally destroy wildlife habitat and essential eco systems; and cause climate damage equivalent to an indefinite rainforest fire.


Benefits justifying this climate change project require scrutiny:


Reduced journey times of 4-11 minutes? (Unconvincing to M25, M1, M4 or M42 users to whom similar false promises were given). Would be far exceeded by constructing a bridge junction at the Screwfix roundabout in Chichester, or aligning speed limits with Germany. But even if 4-11 minutes was saved, so what? It is insignificant.


Reducing accidents? Driverless cars currently under test at car manufacturers will dramatically improve road safety rendering Highways England safety targets insignificant;


Creating employment? Temporary manual jobs building a road or should we aim instead to fill existing more urgent, skilled vacancies for doctors, GPs, police, teachers and nurses;


Helping business? No. This scheme will hugely damage both my tourist and residential-based businesses.


As a taxpayer, I am hugely disappointed that irresponsible politicians including the Green party want to squander £250m of public money to deliberately damage our countryside and permanently damage the world’s climate.


Nick Herbert MP highlights stopping rat runs through villages but is eager to destroy countryside completely.


There are many better ways to deal with Nick’s problem.


Extinguish the rainforest fires, stop the Arundel bypass, start caring for our climate.

Philip Bryett,
2 Torton Hill Place,

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