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Letter to the editor | Dreadful state of pavements in the area

Dear Editor,


Well done to Brian Hynes for taking the time to do something about the dreadful state of the pavement in his area.


I live on the Downview Estate, Felpham, and am disgusted at the state of the pavements and gutters in the area.


Some of them are borderline dangerous, with large weeds growing through the cracks and weeds almost 2ft high in the gutters.


The council’s excuse is ludicrous.


There are plenty of flowers about at the moment, and the weeds mostly do not have flowers.


Our beautiful estate has the sad image of a derelict car park.


Most people keep their gardens and verges lovely, so why can’t the council do their bit?


I am a 78 year old widow. I work hard in my garden, and have had to start strimming my pavement and gutters to keep the weeds down.


Plus – the councils are warning of an increase in council tax next year, for doing less!


S. Taylor.
Downview estate

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