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Mum’s the word for the long-serving Butlin’s boss Jeremy

Parents from around Bognor Regis are being sought by its biggest employer.


Butlin’s is to launch a large recruitment campaign to entice mums, and dads, with young children to join its workforce.


Jeremy Pardey, its Bognor Regis resort director, said he was keen to hire more people from the surrounding area.


“We have just under 800 full-time equivalent employees and 300 seasonal workers,” he said in an interview to mark his tenth anniversary in charge of the booming site.


“Of those full-time workers, at least 70-80 per cent are local people who have grown up locally and know the local community. I think that’s part of our success.


“The more local people who work for us the better. We will be launching a new recruitment programme for young mums in the local area.


“There is a lot of work available here on Mondays and Fridays which can fit in with their children’s school hours and give them the opportunity to make some money.


“We will be bringing that into being next January. It’s going to be quite a big push.


“Young mums really want to work but some companies don’t make it easy for them to do so when they have to take the kids to school and collect them. We can fit their work around those hours.


“I want the local community to be positive about Butlin’s and spread the word about us to their families and friends around the UK. That’s a powerful thing.”


The switch from seasonal workers to more permanent employees has helped to improve staff retention by 20 per cent in the past two years.


Father-of-two Mr Pardey, 53, arrived in Bognor Regis in September 2009 from Manchester and expected to stay for a few years. But he and his family have grown to love the area and his decade at Butlin’s has transformed its sole site – out of three around the UK – on the south coast.


Its owner, Bourne Leisure, has poured in well over £100m to improve it facilities. That spending, the biggest the town has seen, has included two hotels and a swimming pool which has seen about 100,000 extra people use it compared to the previous one.


The result has changed the perception of Butlin’s as a holiday destination. This year will see it welcome some 300,000 guests. That is an increase of 10 per cent on 2018.


Part of this growth is a result on the focus on specific holiday groups such as the 4,000 staying visitors on this week’s latest Tots and Toddlers break.


But Mr Pardey is equally keen to keep on good terms with those who live near the site in Upper Bognor Road.


“I have worked very hard on our reputation in the community. That has been a challenge but I would hope local charities and companies would agree that we do more for them than we did,” he said.


As for the future, residents will see the former swimming pool knocked down within the next two-and-a-half years.


“We have not made any decisions about that site,” he added. “It’s a really exciting piece of land on the seafront.


“I would want to open it up to the rest of the seafront. We need to be proud of the seafront. It is beautiful and we want our guests to enjoy views of it.”

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