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Record donation by hospital group

MORE than £200,000-worth of equipment is be given to the Bognor Regis Hospital by its supporters.


The Friends of Bognor Hospital have agreed to spend the sizeable sum given by generous residents to


help to improve the treatment of patients and work of its staff.
Friends’ chairman Brian Knight said: “It must be one of the biggest shopping lists we’ve had. It will make a real difference to the patients and staff.


“We hope all the work will be done by the end of the year. Our biggest donation before was for the renal unit at the hospital, which was about £150,000.”


The Friends have been buoyed by the record takings at this year’s fete.


“We are very grateful for the support we receive from the public and staff and this year’s annual summer fete raised in excess of £8,000 – which was the best in living memory,” said Mr Knight.


The fete was also a celebration of the hospital’s centenary. It was held just after the 100th anniversary of its opening in July, 1919, in memory of the town’s men who had lost their lives in the First World War.


To ensure the hospital continues to improve, the Friends used their latest two-monthly meeting to approve the spending of more than £190,787, plus VAT in some cases.


The equipment which will be bought includes a dexascanner, which is a special type of X-ray that measures bone density. It can be used to diagnose osteoporosis because it is more effective than normal X-rays in identifying low bone density.


“The dexascanner is being bought with a £112,000 generous legacy from two sisters who lived in Bognor Regis and who passed away,” said Mr Knight. “Their nephew presented the cheque to us and we decided the dexascanner was the most suitable use for it.”


The other improvements to which the Friends have agreed include an ankle brachial pressure index for the hospital’s podiatry section to analyse the blood pressure at a patient’s ankle compared to the pressure in their upper arm to find out if an artery is blocked.


A TSI portacount machine will enable staff to find out if a particular respirator is suitable for a patient and if a respirator matches a patient’s facial features.


Also on the giant shopping list are refurbishments of the scanner room and office, the new ultrasound suite, the physio shower rooms and the community nurses kitchen.


New equipment which will also be bought for various departments is three computers, a fridge and roller blinds.


Mr Knight added: “People like to give to the Friends because they know we will spend the money and they can see the benefit of it.


“There will be a sticker on the scanner to show it’s been donated by the Friends and patients appreciate that.”

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