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Workmates join forces to drive old cab across Europe for charity

A RAILWAY worker from Bognor Regis has joined his colleagues in driving an old taxi across Europe.


Keir Stainton, 42, was in one of the teams which set off on Wednesday in this year’s Screwball Rally.


It sees him and his five fellow employees at the Three Bridges rail operating centre drive the former London cab nearly 1,400 miles in five days.


They caught a ferry from Dover and are being told the site of each overnight camp but can devise their route.


They are travelling through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


Joining Keir in their TX2 hackney carriage with 176,000 miles on the clock are Neil Plummer and Simon Hurford, Allan Morton and Alex Doughty.


Neil said: “Our group includes two ex-engineers and an ex-RAF engineer, so we should be OK.


“We found a couple of oil leaks but nothing we can’t sort out.”


The team are wearing braces, flat caps and checked shirts and will drive for a day each as they raise money for End Youth Homelessness.


Alex works on behalf of Siemens in technical support at the centre and the others are Network Rail employees.


They are among 120 rally teams each of which was limited to spending no more than £750 on an old vehicle.


Their former cab, which has a 2.6 litre Ford engine, cost just £300.

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