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Bags for Brexit fans

Brexiteers gathered in Bognor Regis offering answers and advice.


Led by Hartley Elder, the Bognor Regis and Littlehampton’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit party, six volunteers hosted a stall in London Road.


The group gave out hessian bags along with The Brexiteer newspaper. More than 200 people showed an interest in the stall, with every bag having been collected by the end of the afternoon.


Mr Elder was there on Saturday, spending his time across the stall in Bognor Regis, as well as the event at Littlehampton at the same time.


He said:


“We had a fabulous day. People were taking a bag and asking if they could have another one for friends. It’s nice to have so many people coming and speak to us.


“There were times when where were people all round the stand to find out what we’re all about and what’s going on with the country.”


He said their aim is to become known around their constituency.


“At some point there will be a general election, he said, “so we need to be known.


“Some members of the public are obviously very enthusiastic, some just want to come to chat to us.


“Ultimately, we are brand new. Everybody knows about the Tories and Labour, many people don’t know we’re out there. We need to raise our profile even more.


“Lots of people are supporters of the Brexit idea but don’t feel confident in coming out and saying it so having people standing out in public is really good.


“There’s a significant silent group out there who are Brexiters but are reluctant to tell their family and friends. If they can see us accepted as the norm it lets them come out of their shells.”

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