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Beach-goers encouraged to bin rubbish to cut plastic pollution

Eco warriors joined councillors and volunteers at the launch of a new bin on Bognor Regis seafront.


The group of Eco Warrior pupils from the Edward Bryant School, London Road, joined members of the GreenSeas Trust, for the launch of their new bin.


Made of resin from recycled plastics, the new addition is designed to encourage people to cut plastic pollution of the seas and oceans.


Lola Mann, 10, is a student from the Edward Bryant School and a member of the Eco Warrior team at the school.


She said:


“Everyone can use this bin. When people come down and go to the beach, they’ll see it and remember to use it.


“If people sit on the beach they can just walk up here and pop it in the bin, rather than leaving stuff on the lovely beaches.


“I try and keep our environment clean. My mum started doing stuff so I do it. She makes eco bricks which are bottles filled with bits of plastic that get sent away and are used to build things.”


Arun District Council chairman Jeanette Warr and chief executive Nigel Lynn met Fazilette Khan, founder of the GreenSeas Trust, to test out the bin which is shaped like a life belt.


Fazilette said:


“I was in the Navy, on a ship sailing through the Atlantic and suddenly, in the middle was a huge tractor tyre. I went to beautiful places that were getting more and more ruined by rubbish.


I went to Tobago and saw people littering all over the beach. I went home and told my father and he said


“I’m sure you will figure it out. The next day I was made redundant and started work.


“There’s all these fantastic TV programmes bringing awareness but something actually needs to be done. That’s what we decided to do. We created the bin that everyone can use. If everyone litters just a tiny bit, you don’t realise it’s a massive problem. The project was a collaboration. Arun were part of it through the whole journey. If we can make a difference by making a few changes, we’ve done our job.”

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