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Congestion fears

Fontwell roundabout seemed to be a major concern among Walberton residents as they looked over Arundel bypass proposals.


People from around the Post area attended a consultation hosted by Highways England to examine the various colour-coded plans outlining the six possible routes for around Arundel.


Anthony Hewston attended the consultation in Walberton on Saturday.


He said:


“If I have any worries at all it’s the effect on the Fontwell roundabout and Chichester.


“We’re just moving it all along and Chichester is already in a locked position.


“What are we doing is just handing another lot of traffic congestion down the road to get jammed up.


“We live in the village. We wanted to see the difference between the options. It’s been an excellent exhibition, with great graphics.


“I think they are all clearly viable, only I think it requires a lot of thought about which ones we will find more acceptable.


“Everyone is going to lose out. No one wants it where they live.


“We are just going to go away and be very thoughtful. I expect we will attend other local meetings and hopefully understand other people’s points of view before we can properly consider what we want.”


Mr Hewston’s concerns about Fontwell roundabout were echoed among a number of other residents who attended the consultation.


Fiona Huntingford, from Fontwell, said:


“This has been going on now for many years. My head is at redeveloping the big road which is already there.


“I worry that we’re just shoving everything to the Fontwell roundabout and then Chichester and Worthing. It’s already a nightmare, it’ll just get worse and worse.”


The consensus of opinion among many of the residents was that there was a need for a road, but that whatever option was chosen would be damaging.


Walberton resident Judith Walker said:


“I am quite concerned about what is going on.


“There’s a lot of options available. The ones that are best for the community are the most expensive. I have got to go home and have a think.


“Chichester needs it, Arundel needs it. We need the least damaging option but what may be the better option for one person may be the damaging option for another. Someone’s going to lose out no matter what.”


The Walberton consultation is just one of a series that have been taking place around the area.


Fontwell hosted a display last month, with residents coming away with a variety of concerns.

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