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Extra housing turned down

Extra homes in Shripney have been rejected by councillors.


The second application to build housing at The Cottage in Shripney Road increased the number of dwellings from the previously approved 20 to 31.


But Arun District Council’s development control committee said the additional housing in the outline proposal was too much.


It was an over-development, they said, which would generate too many cars and had a lack of amenities for residents of the site of 0.72 hectares.


Cllr Ricky Bower (C, East Preston) said:


“Twenty houses is OK but going up to 31 is possibly a step too far on this particular site, largely because of the impact on Shripney Road and the fact this is not the part of Shripney Road that is going to be bypassed by the A29 re-alignment.


“Had it been, I would not have any difficulty in it going up to 31. But I do think there’s a problem if it goes up to 31 and the A29 remains as it is.”


Cllr David Edwards (C, Felpham E) said he believed the access to the housing, to the south of the Robin Hood hotel and restaurant, remained poor.


“The visibility to the north is still only 71m, which is the statutory minimum. As a council, we should be better than that,”


he said.


“There will still be a significant amount of traffic coming through.”


Cllr Terry Chapman (C, East Preston) said the outline nature of the plans made him uncertain about the final impact of the housing.


“I have got serious concerns about this,”


he said.


“The actual vision up towards the pub is not great and there is a bend there as well.”


Cllr Martin Lury (LD, Bersted) said the lack of public transport would mean cars were vital for the occupiers of the proposed housing.


“People will need cars. Twenty (houses) is acceptable but 31 is a bit too excessive,” he said.


Neil Crowther, the council’s group head of planning, told councillors the number of homes in the application was a maximum.


“It could be 31 houses. It could be 24 or 27. We don’t know yet. We will have to address those details at that time.”


Planning officer Simon Davis said the access was the same arrangement as the previously approved proposal.


if councillors had approved the latest scheme, it would have enabled the developer, Castle Property Developments, to submit a detailed planning application with more information about the housing.


An illustrative layout with the initial plans shows eight one-bed flats, 11 two-bed flats and 12 three-bed houses.


Castle Property’s planning agent, Ben Daines, said the approval for 20 homes in January, 2018, showed the council was happy for the site to be developed.


He said:


“This permission establishes the principle of development of this site.”

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