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Industrial action

Postal workers have recently returned an historic yes vote in a ballot for Industrial Action.


The vote saw a 76 per cent turnout of union members and 97.1 per cent of those voting yes.


Only 18 months ago the Communications Workers Union and Royal Mail made an agreement for the future, which included an historic pension solution, a mutual interest driven relationship and a joint vision for a successful Postal Service with social aims.


Since the agreement there has been a change of CEO, and changes in senior management. The new CEO Rico Black has been appointed who appears to marginalise Ruth Harris, CWU Branch


Secretary, Portsmouth & District Postal Branchsaid:


“It is apparent that the Great British Postal Service is at threat of being broken up in the interests of fast track profit and greed.


“Thousands of jobs are at risk with the company’s plans to set up a separate parcels business. The Universal service agreement which ensures a delivery to all households six days a week is at serious threat.


“Industrial action is always a last resort our members do not want this for the public. This is now very much in Royal Mail hands.”


There will now be a three week process to conclude dispute resolution, before both sides consider the next steps.


The CWU have said they want to work with Royal Mail to embrace change and deliver exciting and innovative future for Royal Mail, expanding the role for Postal Workers in supporting local communities and growing the economy.

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