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Letter to the editor | ‘Alternative For Arundel’

Dear Editor,


I’ve just read the details behind the anti-road lobby’s ‘Alternative For Arundel’ proposal and I’m shocked and appalled!


Not because they are suggesting a half-baked plan that has already been turned down flat by Highways England as being inadequate to deal with the projected volumes of traffic in the near future.


Or because it leaves two of the biggest causes of the current traffic jams in place – the reduction of a two-lane road down to one lane either side of Arundel, and the multi exit and entry Ford roundabout.


Nor am I surprised that they are choosing to ignore the 70 per cent of respondents who answered the 2017 consultation saying they categorically wanted an offline bypass, not a road that continues to cut the town in two.


What really shocks me is that they are actually suggesting that people should put the two options to build a dual-carriageway – complete with either a major flyover or huge traffic light-controlled roundabout in the middle of Arundel – down as their first two choices, with a note that the respondents’ preference would be a single lane road – a choice that isn’t available and isn’t up for consideration!


They know full well that the result of doing this would be that the respondents’ first and second choice of available options would be counted and the case for both of them strengthened and their note about something not on offer ignored.


ASCATE, ANBC and their friends obviously couldn’t care less what happens to Arundel (pictured above) – they know that if either the beige or cyan options were to get the green light it would cause the decimation of the town. Both options would take years to build as they partly use the existing western end of the A27, and therefore construction would cause such huge traffic problems and subsequent avoidance of the area, that the Arundel Chamber Of Commerce have said that many of the town’s shops, restaurants, bars and other commercial premises would be lost long before the road was completed. Arundel would become a ghost town.


Many, many houses would have a dual- carriageway right next to them (as would the hospital, the cricket club and The White Swan). And the historic market town of Arundel, West Sussex’s jewel in the crown, would take on the appearance of Croydon!


If you care about Arundel and the future of this very special ancient town, please do not follow the advice of the people behind The Arundel Alternative and do not put beige and cyan down as your options of choice – they do not have the best interests of Arundel at heart.


Nick Field
Tarrant Street, Arundel

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